Graduation Trip-Krabi!

The trip happened in 2015. It was my first overseas trip with 2 friends of mine. We planned 3 months before our graduation. I have to admit that it was difficult to plan everything while focusing on Internship reports. Plus, we went to different Polytechnic School. We wanted to have 5D4N vacation which we could relax by the beach and shop when we want to.


3 months before the D-day, we met up to discuss about our trip. We planned to go Boracay, Philippines but the idea was against my parents as Philippines was unsafe back then. We then changed our destination to Krabi, which is located South West of Thailand. It is about 800Km from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The location was perfect for our trip. We booked Air Asia Economy seats for our flight. The estimated price I paid was SGD $180. Then, we booked Ben’s  House, a guesthouse. The estimated price per pax was SGD $98 for 4 nights. We rather spend our money on activities and shopping rather than accommodation. I have to say Ben’s House service was as good as 4 stars hotel. In addition, the room they gave didn’t disappoint me. On the plus side, the guesthouse provided HALAL breakfast for us.


D-Day: I met my friends at Changi Airport and we departed for Krabi International Airport. The flight duration was about 1hr 45mins. When we reached Krabi International Airport, we rode the airport bus to immigration centre. We collected our luggage after we cleared immigration. Once we stepped outside the arrival hall, there were people asking where we want to go and telling us we should take their transportation. It confused us and we decided to stop aside and think about all the choices available. I suggested we took the public bus which cost 200 baht per pax as other tourists did the same. It not easy to decide because it will be my responsibility if anything were to happen. It was non air-conditioned bus and we traveled about 45 minutes to another mini bus terminal which they split us according to our accommodation locations. We rode 4×4 truck at the back. It was thrilling experience. I mean, when do we ever get another chance to ride this together in Thailand? The driver sent us right in front of Ben’s House. We checked into the guesthouse and they showed our room. The room perfectly fit the 3 of us, it was not too big nor too small. We had our own balcony and toilet, although it was not the sea view. I was grateful as long as we had place to rest for 5 days! I will not say the location of the guesthouse is perfect because we need to walk the 50m uphill, but it was very convenient as it is situated in between 2 beaches. We could choose to go to either Ao Nang Beach or Nopparat Thara Beach. The best part was once we walked down the hill we could see HALAL street food!! We need not need to think about finding HALAL food, it was right in front of us. The food ranged from Pad Thai, Tom Yam Koong, Fried Rice, Banana Pancake, Coconut Shake, Mango shake, fried chicken and many more. Before sunset, we went out to find agency which provided water activities. We walked towards Ao Nang Beach. There were many small agency which provided activities. One of my friend chose the agency randomly and we decided to go for it. It was located in front of a hotel- cant remember. We chose 2 water activities and 1 land activity. I couldn’t remember the price of the package but I do remember it was worth the price! We decided to walk back towards our accommodation to buy our dinner. We took away and ate in the room. We slept early as the we had to be ready for the activities by 8am.



D-2: We had our breakfast and waited for a driver to fetch us. We went to Phi Phi Island first as there were not many tourists. We enjoyed our time in the emerald water and walked along Maya beach. We went snorkeling at another island – i cant remember. We went to another island to have our lunch (HALAL), included in the package.


After lunch, we roamed around the island. The island was stunning. The water was crystal clear and we could see small fishes along the shore. We went back to shore at about 3-4pm. It was tiring day. We did not need to worry about having wet attire because it will dry along the way in the boat. They sent us back to our accommodation afterwards. After shower we bought dinner at the street food and brought back to our room. We went to bed early as the activity knocked us out.


D-3: As usual, we woke up early for breakfast and waited for a driver to fetch us. This time, the driver picked us up using her personal car – we had a ‘chauffeur’ for few minutes! We even rode different boat this time – more like a yacht.


We went to another islands for activities. We snorkeled and island hopped. They provided us HALAL lunch buffet at one the island. The tour guide was very friendly. He took care of all on board very well.


We went back to the accommodation around the same timing. After we cleaned up, we went out to explore Nopparat Thara Beach area. There were  HALAL restaurants along the area. I prefer Nopparat Thara Beach area compared to Ao Nang Beach area as there were not many tourists and it was more peaceful. Along the way, we saw a food court which has HALAL stall “May and Zin Restaurant” and we decided to dine in for dinner. The food was amazing and affordable! The owner was a very friendly guy. We chatted with him and we realized his place was recommended by TripAdvisor.

How lucky of us to find that place ourselves. There was also a small flea market behind the food court. They sold pretty items which could not be found in Ao Nang Beach. We decided to go back to our accomodation. As we walked back, we stumbled across a cafe – something like Starbucks. We decided to hang out in the cafe. We then knew that it was Srisuksant Resort cafe – we didn’t even look at the name of the shop when we came in. I recommend drinking their Thai Milk Tea, it taste better than the ones in Singapore. Don’t fret about the price because it was affordable and we came back for it again!



D-4: It was our land activity day. Another personal driver picked us up in passenger van. There were only 5 people including us in the van. We went for Elephant Ride, Emerald Pool and Spring Water. Honestly, I do not like going for the elephant ride but my friends love and wanted to do it. However, it was a good experience to ride the elephant because I never rode one before.

elephant ride.jpg

We even managed to see the elephants doing their business- it came out like fountain and waterfall. We then went to Emerald Pool. We walked about 200m from the parking lot, through a forest to reach the pool. You will see this signboard along the way.


I didn’t explore this place much because it was slippery to walk. My friends on the other hand, went to see the blue pool. It was prettier than the emerald pool however she managed to snap a picture of it.

blue pool.jpg

We went to Spring Water which was not far located from the Emerald Pool. I don’t recommend going here because there was not much of activity and sight seeing to do. But it was a good experience to go to such place.

spring water.jpg

We got back in afternoon and went to explore Ao Nang Beach area. Unfortunately, we couldn’t explore the area much as the weather was hot – I swear we could get heat stroke! We even had to take shelter in air-conditioned shops to prevent heat stroke and further dehydration; the best is to take shelter in convenient shops like 7 eleven. There were nothing much to see in Ao Nang Beach area so we decided to hang out at Srisuksant Cafe and had our dinner at May and Zin Restaurant. We had our final shopping at the flea market before heading back. Next to our accommodation, there was a massage, pedicure and manicure parlour, it was right at the end of the aisle. We decided to get a manicure, pedicure and massage service. We had haggled with the owner over the price and managed to get a good deal. We got full body massage, pedicure and manicure.


Since our flight was early morning, we stopped by the reception counter and asked the receptionist if we could have refund for breakfast as we need to depart for airport at 7.30am while breakfast served was at 8am. They told us that they could prepare our food earlier and allowed us to take away to go airport – so kind of them to do this. In addition, since our luggage was full and we need to depart early, we arranged airport transfer from the accommodation. It was 800 baht for 3 pax- more affordable than taking public transport!


D-5: We got ready to check out from the accommodation. The receptionist didn’t forget our breakfast. Even though it was not buffet, they packed sufficient amount of food for us. It was English Breakfast in food container for each of us. In addition, they told us that the airport transportation had waited for us. When we saw the transport, it was not a car nor a 4×4 truck, but it was a posh van just for the 3 of us! OMG, what more can we ask for? We thanked them for their great service and decided to head for the airport.


Estimated overall expenditure for 5D4N including flight and accommodation was SGD $600. I managed to shop for my family members, friends and myself. If I can do it, so can you!


  1. Please plan carefully and early. Think about the worst case scenarios you will come across in Krabi.
  2. Ask your accommodation on the price of airport transfer. If it cost less than 800-900 baht, I recommend to get airport transfer instead. Even if you travel alone, the price of taking taxi will be about the same.
  3. Choose the tour agency wisely. Some agencies set higher price while some set it at affordable price. Explore agencies first before decide.
  4. Do not rush when choosing the activities. Think and plan carefully. Make sure it will not clash and fit in your schedules. Plus, make sure it’s affordable!
  5. Remember to hydrate yourself! Do not be out in the heat for too long! Please visit any air-conditioned shops from time to time to cool yourself down. Health is more important. If you feel unwell, please do not get involved in any activities – JUST STAY in hotel room or if you are stubborn, you could explore places nearby. But DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF, like I said earlier health is more important.
  6. Don’t assume everything in Krabi is HALAL. Please feel free to ask people. Ask as many people and questions you want, till your heart is satisfy 😀
  7. Don’t forget to haggle – do not be scared because they know we will ask for lower price.
  8. There are many short cuts in Krabi. Please do not take any. Be safe and alert!




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